Sexual Abuse, the silent epidemic

Helping those who have committed a sexual offense understand the impact of their actions and regain control of their lives.


    Mustard Seed's core mission is to provide Assessment and Treatment for Adults and Adolescents who admit to committing, have been found or have pled guilty to or recognize urges that may lead to committing a sexual offense.


    Our program recognizes the value of a safe community where people can live without the fear of sexual abuse.  Mustard Seed values each client and seeks to help them gain control of their lives in order to become productive and safe members of our community.

  • Referrals

    Mustard Seed accepts referrals for new clients at our Bedford Avenue office.  Client fee schedule and referral forms will be sent upon request.   Please call our office for further information.

Inspirational Quotes


  • “As a client of Mustard Seed it allowed me to understand the harm that I placed upon my victim. It allowed me to understand that it not just about me but it is about the lives that I have changed. I know from this point that I will continue to be a better man and will continue to focus on avoiding all aspects that can lead towards recidivism. It’s a blessing that I was able to participate in a program such as Mustard Seed. Thank you Mr. Ford and Mr. Washington for having the compassion to deal with our population.”

    James C.

  • “Their professional compassion and empathy has planted a “SEED” of positive change in my life through the awareness of self-responsibility and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.”


  • “For years I have bottle in the troubles that was boggling me. When I exploded it wasn’t a respectful situation. When I walk through the doors of Mustard Seed I didn’t know what to expect. But I was welcome with open arms in a non-judge mental environment. The facilitators at Mustard Seed embraced me mentally, allowed me to reflect and process my deviant thoughts. After years of counseling I am a better man and ready to continue to respect others.”

    Steve S

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